Why A Lack Of Productivity Can Lead To Bad Habits

6 Reasons A Lack Of Productivity Can Lead To Bad Habits r

Are you as productive as you’d like to be?
Do you feel like you could do a whole lot more with your time? r

7 Unconventional Answers to Life's most Pressing Problems

7 Unconventional Answers to Life’s most Pressing Problems r

When you’re looking for the REAL answers, the place to find it is outside the mainstream. r

How To Create Amazing Habits (for free!)

How To Create Good Habits (for Free!)

In these videos, Barrie shares something that’s spot on with my personal values …

Creating indestructible habits. r

The 10 Best Cities To Live Rich On A Dime (So You Can Bring Your Dreams To Life)

The 10 Best Cities to Live Rich on a Dime (So You Can Bring Your Dreams to Life)

Admit it. You’ve wondered more than once…

Is there a better life out there?

You work your butt off every day, but just paying for the essentials becomes more difficult with every passing month. r

6 Ways To Combat The Failure To Launch In Your Life

6 Ways to Combat the Failure to Launch in Your Life

If you’re caught in the failure-to-launch loop of self-doubt, fear, and low self-esteem, there’s a way out. You’ll have to put in some emotional work and be willing to step outside your comfort zone, but you can do it if you’re willing to try.

5 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

5 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the things we all have in common.

It lies deep within us. r